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These things are sent to try us, folks. Thank you for the feedback on what you’re seeing (and not). I know some readers feel it’s a turd attack.

Number One is certain our hosting company did a major upgrade on their servers which threw some things out of whack. It would also account for a couple of other sites encountering similar issues. It depends how the site is configured.

It’s a long story, but bottom line it’s a cascade effect of making one change somewhere (at the hosting company) that triggers something it never triggered before in our setup and causes problems.

Tech support wasn’t great and not understanding what happened and taking steps to try to fix it can make things worse. At this point I am confident it was not an attack.

WordPress, however, is compromised from what I’ve seen/heard so I can’t control what they do on their end and can only hope this blog is working.

We expect the mothership to be back online shortly. Make it so, Number One!

meme star trek reverse polarity

In the mean time, if you haven’t yet listened to the interview Martha MacCallum did with AG Bill Barr, it’s below.

His calm, matter-of-fact explanation of what the investigation has discovered thus far is meant to assure the American People (and the world) that everything is being handled according to the rule of law; that it isn’t being done out of malice or retaliation for the obvious unlawful acts the Democrats have committed, and it will take as long as it takes.

It also indicates that James Comey has not been truthful and that sets the stage for what is coming. WE know there’s a coverup at the FBI/DOJ/CIA/State Dept., etc. but the world is in the middle of the education process.

Barr is allowing John Durham to conduct the investigation as he sees fit, and won’t interfere or compromise the process in any way. They must be viewed as impartial parties making decisions based on facts and evidence. Nothing less will do, and that is the way everything in America and everywhere the White Hats are operating will be done. Lawfully. To the letter of the law.

This is the ONLY way this can go. To stray from this could jeopardize the White Hats’ plan to remove the criminals in Washington.

EXCLUSIVE: AG Bill Barr goes one-on-one with Martha MacCallum


There’s so much happening on our planet I can’t keep up any more. The Watchers track a lot of it as far as weather, volcanoes, earthquakes, fires, landslides, flooding, etc. There were tornadoes in the deep south in America, 30 feet of snow dumped in northern Iceland, and…

Right now there are multiple serious fires raging in New South Wales, Australia on the first day of summer for them. Agenda Free TV tells us properties have been lost and they were on the fire scanners getting current status updates.

Fires are creating thunder storms, officials are saying, with no rain, but include lightning which is starting new fires, and may bring firenadoes and black hail. That’s a new one.  Lithgow is now in a dangerous area outside Sydney. Best of luck down under, folks.

meme leave Nancy alone she is catholic

When we crave a few laughs, we can depend on the entertainment value in Washington which never stops for long. The news from the asylum is that demons have taken over Nancy Pelosi’s tongue. I have only one thing to say: I wish she had her hands tied behind her back. Her non-stop gestures annoy me to no end.

If only I had more time to cruise around Twitter. It’s fascinating and always good for a few laughs as this article suggests.

What’s Wrong with Pelosi?… Demons Finally Take Control of Her Tongue – She Starts Speaking Gibberish

The demons inside Pelosi took control of her tongue on Thursday following the impeachment vote.

The Democrat Speaker started babbling nonsense during her presser.
What in the hell?


It’s hard to believe there are millions of people who don’t yet understand this, so we’ll keep putting it out there. Video at the link.

Steve Bannon: Trump is an “existential threat to the Democratic Party,” which is why they “hate” him

There are a lot of misinformed people out there who think they’re smart; mind-controlled sheep. The lamestream media did its job.

Fox News asks voters what they think of impeachment

Despite all that is unfolding in Washington, President Trump continues to make change. The sixth branch of the military is a reality; the US Space Force.

US Space Command

Trump signs defense bill creating Space Force

Field McConnell had some interesting remarks in today’s update, with respect to the plans of Adam Schiff wanting to remove Mike Pence so Nancy Pelosi would be President. You can’t make this up, folks. These people are certifiably looney tunes.

From the positive tack President Trump is taking verbally on his VP Mike Pence at all the rallies, it appears the White Hats will allow Pence to make his exit without the pedophile/treason fanfare he deserves.

They can’t traumatize people too much or there will be chaos. Not everything will be revealed about all the things that have transpired. It would be pointless. People will shut down if you unload too much bad news on them all at once.

Pence will be exiting; somehow, some way, as yet to be revealed. We’ll see what that looks like when it happens.

If you want to hear what Field has to say, listen to the first 5 minutes or so of the video.

Special Election

These people are beyond sick.

We’ll see you in pedo court—if the sane inmates don’t get you first.

KY Gov. Proudly Defends Decision to Pardon Multiple Convicted Child Rapists, Murderers


Canadian flag distress

It’s frightening the state Canada is in under globalist control.

Canadian Police Prepared to Shoot Indigenous Land Defenders: Docs

The documents also show close collaboration between the RCMP and TC Energy: police officers attended company planning sessions and daily “tailgate” meetings, and were privy to CGL’s legal strategy.

The RCMP were prepared to arrest children and grandparents: “No exception, everyone will be arrested in the injunction area,” a document reads. Another makes reference to possible child apprehension by social services—a troubling disclosure given the violent history of residential schooling in Canada and the disproportionate number of Indigenous children currently in the child welfare system.

Read more at the link above.

We have a much-needed message of hope for Humanity… and a note to self that laws apparently need to be revised. We can do better, because few have had the best interests of Humanity in mind for a long time. It’s all wrong.

Churches Are Breaking the Law on Purpose to Shelter the Homeless in Dallas This Winter

Homan: 2020 Dems catering to illegal immigrants ‘guaranteeing’ Trump win



Time for our walk. Enjoy your last Saturday-before-Christmas.  ~ CB

meme Trump I get reelected

8 thoughts on “Status Update from the Bridge [videos]

  1. I’m glad it wasn’t the nasty Demon craps casing mayhem BP and I look forward to when it’s back up and running but I’m glad your still posting here for us. 😊🤗

  2. I watched Tank & Lisa on YouTube-Video. Tank said the reason that Pelosi won’t submitt the impeachment to the Senate yet is because they are trying to bribe senators to vote
    for impeachment. And guess who is behind that as well?? Pence!! Go figure!!

    1. It was a perfect storm, so to speak. Comms will be reestablished soon. Thanks for migrating over to the satellite ship, Dhyana.

  3. thomas williams had a special on. at the end he is revealing something very important for our future
    on this planet….believe it or not I think it is worth a try.

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