Two—Now Three Items of Note: Time Sensitive

I happened to see these on Twitter and they might be big so decided not to wait. We’ll just put them out there.

One is for 5 pm EST/2 Pacific today, and the other is self-explanatory but potentially important news, in my opinion.

Government Insider John Here to Help is doing another intel drop and he always brings mind-blowing information.

Here’s the link to the TRUreporting video with John Here to Help.

Just before I pressed “publish” this popped in. I wonder what was on that train… Could it have been carrying a dangerous payload? Can a derailment be a good thing? We hear there are a lot of underground bases and tunnels along the Appalachian Trail.

Train Derailment Off Bridge Near Historic Harper’s Ferry Outside of Washington, D.C

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A freight train has derailed as it was crossing the Potomac River near the historic town of Harpers Ferry, with cars falling into the water and damaging the popular Appalachian Trail.
The aerial footage from the site of the disaster, which occurred at the iconic Winchester and Potomac Railroad Bridge early on Saturday, showed two carriages overturned in the river and several others hanging from the bridge.

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4 thoughts on “Two—Now Three Items of Note: Time Sensitive

  1. I am so glad you have this back up site but I am missing the old one whos layout I git so used to.
    but we are in hard times and so we take as it comes.
    thanks BP

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