Your Sunday Digest for December 22, 2019: Are We Prepared for the Big Stuff? [videos]

cosmic chess2

It could take up to 48 hours for a correction on the mothership to get us back on course so here we sit… waiting… twiddling the keyboard keys to make the time go faster.

I see Alexandra at the Galactic Connection has migrated to a new host server due to the issues they are experiencing. I wonder if they use the same one. Yikes! I hope we don’t have to do that. I don’t want to pay for a most expensive host. Two blogs are costly to run when you’re unemployed and we don’t ask for donations or sell anything.

This is my Twitter account… but I don’t have much time for that. It’s just retweeting the good stuff I see and extracting some for posting on the blog. If you follow me, please forgive me if I don’t follow you back. It’s not a slight; I just need to remain focused on the blog(s).

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BTW, did you know you can check to see if Twitter is messing with your account? Go to and put in your Twitter handle. It will tell you if various bans are applied to your account. You might be surprised. I was.

Mike did a great job on this Patriot Hour video. I think it would be a good one to pass on to others we might be including in the education process.

Department Of Deep State Abuse [Child]


What a coincidence. Troops poisoned. How many times over the years have the military been under attack? This is how you know psychopaths have been running the world and trying to take down America for a long time. There are no accidents. Defending the nation is far more hazardous than most people realize.

At Least 61 US Veterans Who Guarded ‘Contaminated’ Ex-Russian Base Died Or Have Cancer

US troops in Russia cancer

Santa Q hammer

I also wanted to raise this issue again based on the chatter we’ve been hearing and seeing on Twitter from the President and Don Jr. and others, including QAnon‘s statement that, “Something BIG is coming.”

Perhaps that image from Trump Tower of Santa with the hammer was indicative, as well. We just don’t know for sure.

I saw this Tweet below showing Don Jr. which I thought was very interesting.

Was that a hint? Field McConnell did say that there might not be a need for Pelosi and Nadler to return to Washington after the break due to arrests.

The President, however, wasn’t hinting.

Julian’s Rum Tweeted this, which might suggest something as well. Reading between the lines, does it speak to you?

A year ago we published the following about the possibility of martial law. As you may know, QAnon often tells us things a year in advance, so we might want to take note.

The Q Team has prepared the patriots as much as possible. The rest is up to us.

If you listened to that interview with John Here to Help on the TRUreporting channel yesterday perhaps you’re thinking, like I was, that timing is important and IF there were a threat from the psychopaths, they might need to use the military sooner rather than later to GET THIS DONE.

I would say that there are only a handful on the planet who know The Plan, and the status of technology and weapons and they will do everything possible to ensure the safety of the masses.

There is also the off-world element of the battle. Our friends upstairs are more than capable of neutralizing “extinction level events” and I believe we are on a level playing field at this point. It’s all hands on deck and the dark ones are going down.

John’s knowledge is one thing, and it’s deep, but he is not part of the Q Team, and at this point I think we have to trust that all is well in hand. Q has told us, “You are safe.” I take that to mean in the most expansive sense—as a race.

keep calm and boldy go

Thomas Williams has indicated that the Deep State has nothing left to harm us with. That’s his take on it from the information he has, which includes off-world input.

Juan O Savin seems to be very close to the Q Team if not part of it, and he said recently that he is “stressed” about the details of how it’s all going to come together in the next months and years of this takedown so that speaks to the enormity of this operation and the fact that there are inherent dangers. But he’s just one guy.

The onus is on those of us who are aware of the battle to prepare for what may be coming. The last thing the White Hats need is a panicking population.

Amazing, positive revelations lie ahead for Humanity and this process, while a little hairy at times, is exciting and the promise of liberation tops everything else on our list of desires for the world. It’s coming.

Bye bye dimms. The People are onto you.

RATINGS COLLAPSE: Latest Democrat Debate Draws Smallest Audience So Far


Q Eye

Scott Mowry will be doing his weekly Miracles Intel Conference Call tonight and will fill us in on what his high-up Pentagon sources reveal. Until the call begins tonight, you can listen to the archived call from last week if you wish at the replay number.

Our conference call line is:
Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598
Replay Number: 712-770-5402
Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again

Big arrests are ongoing in Italy.

Italian police chief and ex-MP among 334 people arrested in major mafia bust


Did I share this one already? These people can’t possibly believe they can win an election this way, can they? Do they have an ace up their sleeve? They make THINK they do, but we have news for them.

Homan: 2020 Dems catering to illegal immigrants ‘guaranteeing’ Trump win


We have a link to a petition you may be interested in signing. I’m not sure how the code will translate so, here is the hyperlink: you can copy and paste into your browser if you wish.

There is also a petition from Judicial Watch.

Rep. Doug Collins made a speech about the dimms’ shameless attempts to impeach the President that got a standing ovation the other day. If you haven’t listened, it’s here. Thanks, J.  There were others as well that were well worth the time and they’re short because they’re on the clock.

Rep. Collins explodes, gets standing ovation in impeachment debate


Professional physicist Dr. Claudia Albers is suggesting a possible reason for all the plane crashes we’re seeing. I don’t believe they were caused by the “uninterruptible auto pilot”. What do you think? Make sense?

She provides one of her earlier papers/videos for us if we need more background to understand what she’s explaining.

There was a lot of spraying in the skies here yesterday near the sun so it seems like they are covering up something.

1376: Do airplanes collide with Planet X cores?

Apparently Tucker Carlson likes to talk about UFOs. Bill Still brings us that short episode.

At some point, people have to stop ridiculing it. There is so much proof of off-world visitors from decades ago to now.

Tucker on UFO’s, 2872


Q Canadian flag

Never fear, Canada. It’s happening. We weren’t left out. WWG1WGA, remember.

This is a slightly modified version of the outstanding Joe Mas Opos video (Spanish-speaking folks will understand the significance of that former Twitter handle) and contains an interesting frame at the 1:06 mark I hadn’t seen before regarding the funeral of Poppy Bush. I had to go back and stop the video to read it. Agent Margaritaville and/or his team added some tailored aspects within and on the end for the Canucks, as well. Nice job.

The Plan to Save 🇨🇦Canada, … and the World


It’s that magical time of year and Linda Paris brings us a brief tale of magic, spells and holly.


That’s it for now. Busy day. Enjoy the season, folks and wish us luck restoring comms on the mothership.

I would like some snow so I can wear my Canadian clothes. My Sorrels are moldering away in a bag in the closet, neglected and forgotten most years. Our snowshoes are probably disintegrating in the storage locker.  ~ CB

meme star trek make it snow




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