Headlines and Updates for December 23, 2019: New Q & It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like GITMAS [videos]

chess through the looking glass

Has it been 48 hours yet? I guess not. Starship Earth is still a rudderless ship adrift in the blogosphere with no crew. There are some odd things going on with the hosting company and our comms with them so we’ll see what happens. We’re tossing around terms like “phishing” and “spoofing” and it makes me nervous.

QAnon left several new drops which you can read here. Here’s one.

That is a great Tweet with Ted Cruz and Maria Bartiromo. Nothing is left unsaid.
trump storm

Oh, and about that Clinton Email Scandal… Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch emphatically says, “It’s not over! If you want to know why the President is being impeached, look at the Clinton emails.”

They’re in court over it and it’s not over. They are battling to protect Hillary Clinton still. Ten attorneys all on her side against Judicial Watch in court. Unbelievable. The abuse of the court process doesn’t end with FISA, he tells us, and they are fighting the Justice Department and the State Department. Listen to this. Ten minutes. Thank goodness for Judicial Watch.

Tom Fitton: COURT UPDATE on the Clinton Email Scandal!

Once upon a time, being a Democrat meant a ticket to unfettered riches, perks, and power. Not so any longer.

The criminals are exposed nearly every day in the public eye now. It’s not just the SES elements that are clogging up the system and working against us. Cabal minions are crawling out from under rocks and between crevices everywhere, and they are ugly creatures with hearts of a different colour than ours. They were shameless, and now have to live with the pain, AND the shame.

Movita Johnson-Harrell

CAIR Pennsylvania Poster Girl Resigns in Shame

meme looking a lot like GITMAS

Field McConnell dropped a few mega-tonne truth bombs in his update yesterday. If you have not heard his testimony on 9/11 it will knock your socks off.

Field went to court about what he knew about the WTC attacks under Judge Rosemary Collyer—yes, that Judge Collyer who just stepped down, and also tells us his history with her. Fascinating!

Field is still incarcerated fraudulently and is limited to phone calls of 20 minutes duration so he spliced together 3 calls to get this update done. What an amazing man. I don’t know anyone with his recall, which is almost flawless many years later. Over 10K people have watched this video already, so it’s a very popular one.

Operation Babylon

I keep forgetting to mention that incoherent address Nancy Pelosi made when “demons” took control of her tongue. She said “paid”. The impeachment paid for? Why doesn’t that surprise us? I try not to watch or listen to her because it’s so repulsive but that was an important and revealing series of statements she made about withholding the articles of impeachment. Clearly there is stuff going on behind the scenes and they are still scheming.

No one is safe.

jeffrey mark epstein
Mark and Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein’s brother fears his ‘life may also be in danger’

Things are looking good for President Trump going into this new election phase. The talking heads love to suggest that Trump isn’t the only one who can create a favourable economy but they fail to mention that Biden, Obama, no one else has done that in recent history.

They destroyed it, so why would anyone believe that Biden or any of the absurd democratic presidential candidates would be able to run the country in the black with low jobless rates, people going off food stamps, deficits low, and exports high?

If it’s so easy, why didn’t they do it? Duh! If they think socialism is going to mirror what Trump has done they are missing all their brain cells.


You had to know this was coming…

McConnell signals Senate impeachment trial talks stalled until January

The trolls and turds are saying President Trump has been impeached so they’re either stupid or lying.

It’s best to laugh at the whole, insidious bird splat. It’ll get washed away by the storm. This one from Gutfeld is great, if you can stand watching that corpse Nancy Pelosi again.

I’m out for now. Merry Christmas to all. It certainly seems to me that people are enjoying saying, “Merry Christmas” this year; like a negative stigma has been erased. ThanQ and President Trump.  ~ CB

Gutfeld: Trump’s not going anywhere and he always bounces back

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  1. I think that corps is waiting for her mob to do something so she would not have to go ahead with loosing… Leo has a video on her and the mob…

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