Canada-stan and the Soleimani Revolution in Canada & the Ukraine Plane Crash near Tehran [videos]

Canadian flag distress


While I’ve been phutzing about with a website that’s not working properly, lies about Cyndie Abcug, dealing with faucets that don’t work properly, setting up showings to see a home, and other mundane crap, there’s been a Boeing plane crash from the Ukraine near Tehran.

These are truly tales from the fringes, folks. The deep state has to remove Trump and they have to incite WWIII. They will do anything to achieve those goals.

North of the 49th, the situation is bad as well because the nation is in the grip of the deep state psychopaths.

Not surprisingly, new arrivals in Canada are mourning “the loss of the heroes of Islam”, at a courthouse in Toronto and also in Edmonton. Unbelievable.

From a woman in Calgary, it’s a “movement of light”. What?! The bullcrap meter is past the red.

The people of Iran are overjoyed Soleimani is gone. That’s what the people of Iran are actually saying. Listen to the woman in the clip in the video below thanking President Trump.

Billy Joyce shows footage from Iran of the People celebrating the elimination of the despised war criminal, Soleimani, spray painting images of him as though to wipe out his very memory and the carnage he manifested.

The video displayed as non-functioning at YouTube but it’s actually working fine when I click the “play” arrow and Billy Joyce does a terrific job of presenting the situation in Canada as it is.

CANADA-STAN : #Vigils are held for #Soleimani in #Canada ! Operating base for Iran ?

There’s also this unfolding in Canada:

Video from Canada: Toronto police threaten journalist for calling Soleimani a “terrorist”

For a rock solid understanding of what life in the Middle East is like, we turn to those who had to flee for their lives and have the courage to speak out about it.

Good Dog did another outstanding show on Monday about the situation on our planet with respect to recent events involving the US and Iran.

Within his presentation he included a lecture by a young woman born in Iran who fled to America and became a citizen. She vowed to tell the truth about the way women in Islam are treated. Her words and the images they invoked are still plaguing my mind.

Not all Muslims approve of or display the actions of those who oppressed and tortured this young woman, but many do. Those who speak out will have a very difficult life.

It may be difficult for those raised in Canada or the United States to believe Humans could treat other Humans this way because of a religion, but sadly, it’s true.

I suggest everyone watch this. I’m sorry I haven’t marked where her address began, but I would say begin around the 40 minute mark if you don’t have time to take in the whole show, which is well worth watching.

Q Bits – Show 107 – War of the Worlds – Tech Tyrants Comeuppance – Royally Flushed


Here are Trudeau’s remarks after the plane crash this morning. Looks like he’s going full-Islam with the beard he’s growing.  ~ CB

Trudeau to address Tehran plane crash that killed 63 Canadians | LIVE

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