China Virus Epidemic—The Gong Show on Roller Skates | Jon Rappaport

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Before you go getting all paranoid about the fabled ‘coronavirus’ the fake media is pushing, you’d best read this from a real investigative journalist who has specialized in epidemics, viruses, vaccines, hoaxes, and lies. It might save your life, particularly the red paragraph.

They want us all vaccinated, and realize they can’t force us. So what do they do? They create a fear that will have us begging for their toxic vaccines. Oldest trick in the book.  ~ CB

China Virus Epidemic—The Gong Show on Roller Skates

by Jon Rappoport

January 23, 2020

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You automatically believe this Chinese coronavirus is a killer? You automatically believe the press when they ratchet up the fear? You automatically believe medical experts have found a virus and proved it’s causing human illness?

You’re on the Gong Show on roller skates.


The Chinese government has now shut down transportation in the huge city of Wuhan, where the supposedly deadly coronavirus first surfaced a few months ago. Where? At an open air fish and meat market. Anyone looking into contaminated flesh at the market? Dangerous lack of sanitation? They’re looking into “the virus.” Naturally. And as I keep saying in past and recent articles, we have a massive tradition of FAKE EPIDEMICS.

You have to understand: most people don’t want to hear this. It’s rather astonishing. Most people feel compelled to believe in the virus, believe it’s dangerous, it’s a killer, it’s real, it’s a global threat. Pro-vaccine people, anti-vaccine people, it doesn’t matter. They salute THE VIRUS.

In my last article, I detailed how former “epidemics,” SARS (coronavirus) and Swine Flu, turned out to be complete fakes. Eventually, it leaked out that medical experts couldn’t find the virus in people. You should really read that article, and read it again. And think about the implications.

Medical research honchos and the press are still calling the 2003 SARS dud an epidemic. Official stats indicate 800 people died, worldwide. If that’s an epidemic, there are pink tigers walking around on the far side of the moon.

Now, when they talk about rushing a vaccine into production “against the virus,” that’s a whole different story. They tried that in 2009 with Swine Flu, and it caused profound and horrific results. I’ve read the patent info that’s now circulating on the Web—for a vaccine against a coronavirus. It’s hard to tell, but it could be a DNA vaccine. If it is, that means the vaccine will permanently alter the genetic makeup of anyone who takes the shot.

Here’s something else you should think about. The so-called origin points of epidemics. SARS (2003), the Amoy Gardens apartment complex in Hong Kong. Swine Flu (2009), a giant commercial pig farm in La Gloria, Mexico. And now, in 2020, the Chinese coronavirus, an open air animal and fish market in Wuhan.

At the Amy Gardens complex, there were leaks in the pipes. Human waste was leaking. People were falling ill. My, what a surprise. They needed to call in a plumber, not the World Health Organization virus hunters.

At the pig farm, in La Gloria, huge feces lagoons, yes, were lying there out in the sun. The lagoons were routinely sprayed with toxic chemicals. Workers were falling ill. What a shock. So they brought in people to spray even more toxic chemicals on the pig shit lagoons. They needed a major environmental clean-up. Instead, they got World Health and CDC virus hunters.

And now, in Wuhan, the virus hunters are at it again. They want to test the animal flesh at the market for viruses. Here are a few recommendations. Check the water supply in the market. Is it dirty? Check the refrigeration. Are the fish and animal meat always fresh? Is the place clean? Is it washed down well every day? Actually LOOK at the premises. I know, it’s a revolutionary act, but steel yourself and go ahead.

“Yes, but what about the other cases of the China coronavirus that have been identified in other countries? Where did they come from?”

Answer: How do you know these other cases are a result of the coronavirus? The symptoms in most of these fake epidemics are the same—they’re basic flu symptoms—fatigue, fever, cough, weakness. A person could come down with THAT for a hundred different reasons.

I started writing about viruses that were never proved to cause human illness—or weren’t even there to begin with—in 1987. All these years later, I find myself still doing it. Why?


Professionals invoke it to cover up a multitude of crimes.

For example, in parts of Africa, where the water supplies are contaminated to the hilt, where people are hungry and dying of starvation, where people have chronic diarrhea and are dying from dehydration, where extreme poverty and war for economic gain are routine, where corporate interests are stealing farm land from the people and poisoning the environment, where toxic medical drugs and vaccines are killing people whose immune systems are already compromised—you can ignore all that because…the real problem, the one serious problem, you see, is:


Sure. Pump up that story to the max, get medical testimony, research money, the whole insane apparatus, and paint over what is actually happening there, and you’re in. You’re in control. You’re king.

Believe in the virus. Pray to the virus. Fear the virus.

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  1. there is a saying;;;;;you can lead a horse to the water,,but you cannot make it drink,,,,,does this sound not caring ??? i have tried,,,and tried,,,,

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