Great Tartaria – The World We Lost [video]

Star Forts aerial views
star fort

This video is so popular I’m sharing on both blogs. The beauty and majesty of the old Tartarian architecture is unmatched. Today’s is prison-like in comparison.

The clean, safe, efficient, technology of old has been abandoned except for the ruling class of global elites while the rest of us pay through the nose for fuel, electric current, etc.

To tell us that people in covered wagons pulled by beasts of burden and who used hand saws to cut down trees traversed the country and built an edifice such as the Salt Lake City temple in Utah, for example, is an obvious lie. Why do we believe them?

Salt Lake City Temple
Mormon temple, Salt Lake City, Utah

Remember the Donner party wagon train that had to spend the winter in the Sierra Nevada mountains in 1846? Yet they tell us this structure was built by pioneers such as those.

Salt Lake City Temple – In 1847 the divine concept was delivered to build it, using wagons to move giant blocks of stone hewn by hand? Really? Brigham Young must have been quite the wizard.

Did they tell you in school that sound could be used to levitate monolithic rock? No, me either.

There is far more to the history of Humanity than they are letting on and they rewrote the history books to keep it from us.

onion domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia 1561

Learn the truth in this stunning video; full colour testimony to a spectacular time before our memory. Some still have latent recall of having lived in this Tartarian civilization in previous lives.

Obviously these stunning reminders resonate with many of us and we yearn to return to the halcyon days of harmony and peace before we were destroyed.

It’s time Humanity began to question everything we’ve been told.

The original video is gone, so I’ve replaced it with a copy.  ~ CB

Great Tartaria – The World We Lost

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