The Wuhan Death Hoax: Pure Theatre [video]

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Folks, after weeks of hysteria around the coronavirus insanity, we are getting to the reality of it. If you only have time for one video today, make it this one. You won’t regret it.

You’ll learn why it’s so difficult to get the truth out of China, which may be part of the reason it was the perfect place to pull this stunt.

China is a very controlled country. The people are kind and gentle and have never known anything but their strict communist regime.

They believe they are free and have a good life. Their access to outside information is limited, and they don’t see a need to educate us about what is happening there.

Fortunately, a British ex-pat living and teaching in China named Nigel is a vlogger and he contacted Jaime at A Plane Truth 4U channel and they had a fascinating discussion about what is—and isn’t—happening in China.

None of those horrific scenarios we heard about are true. What we know: some people are getting sick and have respiratory complications and other symptoms. Some people are under voluntary self-house arrest so they don’t spread whatever it is.

In truth, we don’t know for certain why they are sick, or if it is contagious. The government may be covering something up and may have attached the “novel coronavirus” label to it to throw people off the trail and defer blame.

Some solid evidence points to 5G causing the severe respiratory lung problems that are forcing the Chinese people in the Wuhan area to go to the hospital. It’s a strong theory, at this point.

On top of the brutal pollution in the area, it’s no wonder many got so sick.

Having said that, however, you might see how a “coronavirus pandemic” just isn’t going to happen in other countries unless at least some of the same conditions exist.

If there isn’t a significant amount of manufacturing and air pollution in a locality, and people are still getting “the coronavirus” symptoms, what is causing it? Or is it fake news?

We also heard that all the Chinese people were vaccinated in the fall, but don’t know if that’s true. Would a combination of factors generate the lung deterioration experienced in the Wuhan area?

Listen to this discussion and you’ll come away with a broader understanding of what the situation is in China and will see that the media ran with this, blew it up into Hollywood horror movie proportions, and convinced unsuspecting people that Humanity is about to be exterminated.

After the video, read the article below it about the ticking time bomb 5G just may be. Fortunately for Americans, we are reasonably sure that President Trump and the military have ensured that any 5G here is not the weaponized version. There are only 16 cases reported in the US due to people who traveled elsewhere.

Other countries are not so fortunate, we hear. Because we’re not there, however, how can we rely on the information?

MUST SEE! The Great Wuhan Death Hoax ~ 1st Person Reporting From Inside China

The article. It may complete the picture. Research continues.

You WERE Warned About The Coronavirus “Telephone Disease”—But Lies Won Out Over Truth

The absurd claims by the media that President Trump is somehow to blame for the spread of the phantom “coronavirus” must end. It’s pure propaganda.

Jon Rappoport is an investigative journalist who has specialized in vaccines, viral outbreaks, etc. and he has written weeks worth of articles about the misinformation, disinformation, pure propaganda and fear porn around this psychological operation.

That’s what it is. A psy-op. We must not fall for it this time.

Plunging stocks, pandemic fears, quarantines—what’s the real operation?

We all need to do the research before jumping to conclusions about what the “coronavirus” is and how it is affecting people globally. Most of all, we need to stay out of fear.

Thousands of people die every year from influenza and other diseases. The “coronavirus” hasn’t come anywhere near that, and probably won’t.  ~ CB

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