Comfort and Mercy for the Children | IF YOU ONLY KNEW [video]

This video may come as a surprise, or it may not. It might be a good one to share.

Whether people believe it or not is immaterial. It’s happening.

We can turn away now, but soon it will be in our faces and we’ll have no choice but to look.  ~ CB

2 thoughts on “Comfort and Mercy for the Children | IF YOU ONLY KNEW [video]

  1. Thank you for this video. It’s heart wrenching to watch this and to learn of these atrocities. I’ve seen some of these before and my suggestion would be to slow these videos down. It’s hard to read the graphics and take this all in and deal with the emotions at the same time. I’ve viewed this one several times but each time it boggles my mind. I pray for the patriots, the children, and all who are victims or heroes. I pray for victory over evil and heinous crimes.

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