What You Need to Know About Vaccines [video]

The battle has come to a head and is being waged in the courts. The truth is coming out and the People no longer accept untested vaccines loaded with toxins peddled by a man who is not doctor, not a scientist, and certainly not a philanthropist.

The atrocities committed against children, in particular, are crimes against Humanity.

Here’s the report from the trenches. Do not allow anyone to vaccinate your child until you hear this. Damages will be on your head.

We now see victory over the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  ~ CB

2 thoughts on “What You Need to Know About Vaccines [video]

  1. Thank you to all who are fighting this battle on the front lines for all the people of America and eventually this will help the people around the world. I am against vaccines that are pushed on people without informed consent and against their decision to receive the vaccine.

    All this enforced vaccines by the states such as California and every other state must become a CLASS ACTION SUIT !!

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