Red Alert: Mothership Down [video]

grumpy toddler

Our mothership has lost all comms. Number One will hopefully be able to look into it.

I’m having great difficulty just loading an image here, as well. Needless to say it puts me in a bit of a bad mood.

In this day and age you would think if they can put a rocket into space with a million satellites that we could have uninterruptible service for a website.

If issues persist, we will publish more here.

In the mean time, the news is big in times of war.

The Qmunications from the Q team:

Roger ball has been called.
Good and green.
So it seems there is a new military op in progress.
It’s getting ugly, folks.
Maintain situational awareness and may everyone remain safe.
Dan Dicks at Press for Truth brings us the latest from the streets.  ~ CB


4 thoughts on “Red Alert: Mothership Down [video]

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Phoenix on Patriot Intel Report noted that we are currently in, yes, a state of war, supported by the astrological energetics reflecting back to the American Revolution. It’s time to stand up and prepare to defend your house and property. The Marxists are attempting yet another ploy to take down America, for civil society to dissolve into chaos so ‘they’ can present the SOLUTION, which has nothing to do with retaining your rights as a citizen. Do you want a police state or a calm state where people can live in peace. It’s NOT a protest, these are part of a long-planned for insurrection. The whole thing, like the recent CV event is a set-up including the initial triggering event by actors…

  2. Thank you so much Captain for all that you do .It must be soooo frustrating to have your work messed with . I wake up every morning here in Australia and look for you .You are such a talented wordsmith and researcher. I’m in a town inland from Byron Bay and it’s starting to get very chilly here ,as you warm up over there . I’ve never commented before to you as I have participated in your life daily and gained from your insights .At 65 years now I consider myself a patient person ,tho like everyone on this global team I look forward to a future without the negative interference of these demons and repos. May you be blessed a thousand fold for the outstanding wealth of knowledge you share with us all ! Much love Julianne Zoviar Clunne ,long time follower

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