Presidential Announcements from Mount Rushmore Today—Live with Fireworks — Don’t Miss [videos]

Update: 3:23 p m Pacific: RSBN is streaming an indigenous protest that broke suddenly onto the scene in Keystone, SD one mile from Mount Rushmore. Three big white passenger vans suddenly arrived, parked across the road, blew out their tires and then removed the wheels so the vans couldn’t be moved.

They made remarks about it being their land, stolen by the white man, etc. Law enforcement has not engaged them yet. They estimate there are about 200 indigenous protestors there.

President Trump will just left Washington on Marine One so he will be able to get there but we’ll have to see what happens in the next few hours. We don’t know if the first nations people are acting on their own, or if they were paid to do this by George Soros.

Hopefully the blockade will be removed so the event can proceed. This is crazy folks.  ~ CB

I am told that President Trump will be making IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS, if you get my drift, from Mount Rushmore, South Dakota today. There may be more fireworks than originally thought.

You can watch live on RSBN without censorship at this link below. The Fox link is below that one, and we’re told they’re going to do it justice. We’ll see.

When you click on the link it will tell you how much longer until their live stream begins. Fox starts much later than RSBN, because RSBN interviews the fans and shows us the crowds and it will be quite a party, I’m sure. Like a Trump rally.

How much do you want to bet there are almost no masks?

Enjoy the show!  ~ CB

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