Who is Ghislaine Maxwell? | 60 Minutes Australia [video]

3 thoughts on “Who is Ghislaine Maxwell? | 60 Minutes Australia [video]

  1. Gislaine Maxwell is not only Epstein’s right hand, but she is also complicit in that she recruited the children, she had sex with them, she groomed them and she pimped them to epstein and many others. She is just as evil as hrc and the democrats. She was an adult who lied to and took advantage of the children. And that is just the beginning. These are not my feelings, they are facts, and facts matter.
    Makes me wonder if they took samples of her blood to determine if she had adrenochrome in her system when they picked her up and took her in??? One of the victims also stated she had to take a drug to keep herself together/calm (in other footage). Who gave her the drug??? Should be held responsible.

  2. I notice how no one talks about what this whole network was created for in the first place. Blackmail.

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