The COVID-19 Psyop — Guard Your Health [videos]

I hope the people of the world are learning that they cannot afford to put their health and the safety of their mind and body in the hands of someone outside themselves.

Far too many deaths have occurred because of an intensive effort by controlling factions to mislead the public and create and imaginary, life-threatening situation for the masses.

The truth will set you free. Never give away your power to manage your own well being. No one has the authority to do that. “My body; my choice” as they say.

my body my choice covid hoax

Each of us must take full responsibility for ourselves—and to assist others if they are unable to do it, as a doctor might do for a patient who is incapacitated.

I am my mother’s medical power-of-attorney. If she is unable to make choices for herself, she trusts me to convey her wishes or make decisions for her well-being. Very few should be trusted to do that.

No government has been granted the right to control our bodies and what we put into them, or do with them yet that is what they are doing under the guise of a fake pandemic.

We say fake pandemic because the statistics simply do not support the terminology. The corrupt World Health Organization, the CDC, the NIH, etc. and the legacy media continue to put out false and/or conflicting information about the novel coronavirus.

First they say  we don’t need masks, that we should practice “social distancing” and shut down schools, stores, movie theatres, and everything else except a few major retailers owned by globalists—and suddenly we all need to be wearing masks—just in time for ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter thugs to burn our cities so they could blend in to everyone else and maintain their anonymity.

The propaganda and scare tactics are about intimidation and fear. It’s domestic terrorism.

ANTIFA thugs

We continue to see doctors and researchers coming forward with verifiable and common sense information about managing and curing the coronavirus and we share it because everyone needs to be informed so they can make the best decisions for them and their families.

Please watch the following videos to educate yourself on the facts rather than the fear propaganda spewed daily by the corporate media—also owned and controlled by the globalist regime.

There is no need for fear or to treat this flu bug any differently than any other year. It certainly appears that the majority of deaths occurred due to government/globalist intervention and ignoring federal safety precautions already in place.

They did the opposite of what should have been done and we’ve all paid the price. Learn the facts and help prevent any further tyranny and death over a condition created as part of an agenda.

In addition to the long-tested hydroxychloroquine President Trump told us about, there is another highly effective and inexpensive treatment as explained in the first video below. No vaccines required, and in fact, we learn why a vaccine is not a solution.

We also learn how the “experts” are skewing the true results of testing and the number of deaths—which are almost zero at this point. It’s time to be non-compliant, folks, or lose our freedom to choose—period.

Please share these videos widely and perhaps we can avoid the “second wave” the controllers on this planet so desperately want.

We will probably have the usual fall/winter flu season, but we will only continue with this fear campaign and a fake pandemic if the People fail to see the truth about it and comply with the draconian measures pushed by the governments of our planet. ~ CB

Dr. Richard Bartlett | ACWT Interview 7.2.20

CONFIRMED! The Absolute SCIENCE Behind MASKS And The PROOF THAT THEY DON’T WORK with Denis Rancourt!


Salute those who have come forward to tell the truth.

Learn more by joining the 21 millions others who visited the mothership, Starship Earth: The Big Picture

4 thoughts on “The COVID-19 Psyop — Guard Your Health [videos]

    1. The Health Care in America don’t want to cure anything they want to treat the symptoms because that’s where the moneys at plus the couldn’t achieve agenda 21

      1. Understood. The system is corrupt. It is becoming evident to all thinking adults now.

  1. These attacks on respectable doctors who are advocating for their patients and the proper methods for assigning causes of morbidities are based in a political agenda of the far Left. When you strip away all of the non-scientific and irrational claims being directed towards these individuals and people who have an ounce of common sense, you can see the hatred driving this anti-American, anti-human agenda. It makes no sense, never will because it is based on emotionally-driven insanity, designed to confuse and distract, as well as to control and remove the rights of citizens.

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