Robert Kennedy Jr. Gives Us a Sign of Things to Come [video]

JFK Jr July 4 2019
John F. Kennedy Jr.? Allegedly, at the Independence Day celebrations in Washington July 4, 2019.

I noticed that people are all over the “rumours” that JFK Jr. is alive and possibly about to resume his political life and even more surprising—as President Trump’s Vice President.

We have had many clues and confirmations from various inside sources that it’s a probability rather than a possibility, and I thought a lot of people would be interested in this apparent confirmation from Robert Kennedy Jr.

It came during a live interview on Instagram last night. Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast replays it for us. See for yourself. It’s at the beginning of the video below.  ~ CB

Robert Kennedy Jr. Comms! SCOTUS Dirt!

4 thoughts on “Robert Kennedy Jr. Gives Us a Sign of Things to Come [video]

    1. I Hope Jr is Trump’s pick for VP, we’re Expecting it and just awaiting the Announcement. We’ve All known in our hearts he’s still alive and ecstatic for the “touch your nose” confirmation! He and those loyal to Sr had No Intention of letting him be a Clinton Statistic…Amen for Good Men! Everyone is essential to The Plan.
      Vote Trump/JFK Jr 2020!🇺🇸
      Shining Light and Love Always!
      Namaste 🙏🌹💫

  1. I was in the chat and watched the entire thing unfold! I follow Robert Kennedy, Jr on Instagram. It was too cool to have been present on this day! I believe in Gematria and I am just getting started in learning the letters and numbers. You present each event with thought-provoking information. Thank you!

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