Face Masks: End the Argument Here and Now [video]

Politics and a nefarious political agenda have been controlling our lives and we can’t allow ourselves to be herded any longer.

If you sense that and are feeling a little sheepish about wearing a face mask, you will find solace in this video full of scientific evidence—not political anecdotes and empty mandates—indicating that we are wearing masks to our own detriment.

As well, they provide no protection to the wearer or the public at large. Science is facts. Politics is propaganda.

Ben Swann is a credible source from within the independent media, formerly of CBS Atlanta.

He left the mainstream news and created his own brand of investigative journalism—because WE are the news now, and we do not submit.

Please share this if you find it resonates of truth. It could save a life. Possibly yours.  ~ CB

Why Face Masks DON’T Work, According To SCIENCE

5 thoughts on “Face Masks: End the Argument Here and Now [video]

  1. Do you have links to all the articles you said tested for peoples ability to transmit viruses person to person while wearing masks?

  2. At 11:08 in the video. The article you cited had Fauci saying he wants wearing a mask to become a symbol of mutual respect for others. He never said wearing a mask is mostly symbolic. That implies wearing one is a useless accessory like a hat. Obviously Fauci believes in the usefulness of masks preventing people from spreading the disease to other people. He admits they are not 100% effective at protecting the wearer, but believes it strongly decreases the spread from one person passing it to another. Swann even agrees with this when he claims, they want sick people to breath back in their own air when in public, outrageous, but thats what slows the spread, obviously. So sick people need to wear masks to stop from spreading the virus, and since testing is lacking we don’t know who is sick and therefore needs to wear a mask, so everyone needs to wear a mask. Please actually read the article before you decide. Thats just one point I think is intentionly incorrect and meant to be misleading but there are several more assertions by Swann that I strongly question. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/05/27/coronavirus-fauci-says-he-wears-mask-symbol-what-do/5266189002/

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