Twitter and WordPress? Blocking Ref. to Military Intel Team 17 – Test Post

Update: Since that post below published without a hitch, it probably isn’t WordPress causing the problem. We will investigate further.

This is a test. My post on the Mothership, StarshipEarth: The Big Picture was blocked and the “publish” button locked due to references to QAnon.

When I removed all references to Q and it worked fine.

This message appeared on today along with Q’s new posts:

Twitter is blocking links to QMAP. You can report this error to Twitter using this form.

Apparently it’s not only Twitter that is blocking Q references.

I am testing the Captain’s Blog to see if it is also blocked.

I wanted to share this video of a BBC broadcast which is covering for Wayfair and their Human Trafficking, as well as attacking Q military intelligence.

These people are stupid. Now that they’ve blocked Q on Twitter and websites, no one will believe anything they say about any topic. They just cut their own throats.

If Q is not who they say, why go to all this trouble?

In your face censorship in The Information War.  ~ CB

BBC report on QAnon Wayfair “Conspiracy Theory”

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