Your Chances of Contracting COVID-19 | Del Bigtree Does the Math [video]

Del Bigtree did a powerful, in-depth examination/exposé of the COVID-19 hoax spanning 2 hours and has edited the live version and published bite-sized segments.

If you’re not familiar with Del, he is a television and film producer who decided his talents were better directed to the Truth Movement.

He worked tirelessly with Dr. Andrew Wakefield and others to create and market the documentary film “VAXXED; From Coverup to Catastrophe” to expose the questionable efficacy, lack of clinical research, and proven detriment of vaccines.

He’s a dynamic speaker and keeps the fact-finding interesting. His explanation in the following video of “herd immunity” is brilliant and easily puts our mind at ease by showing us just how unlikely it is that we would contract what they’re calling COVID-19—which is what they claim a new or “novel” strain of the good ol’ coronavirus—or common cold/flu, depending on your personal terminology.

As a kid, in our household the flu was a stomach bug that made you throw up; everything involving sore throats, coughs, congestion, etc. was a cold, unless it was strep throat.

So, when we say nearly all of us have been exposed to coronavirus and the tests are indicating huge numbers the more they test, it’s not shocking to hear.

It’s not the “case” numbers we should be concerned with, but that’s all the media wanted to talk about. The death count is what is important, and it was relatively low compared to other diseases.

Now the media is talking about the death rates but they’ve lumped in deaths from other health conditions and chalked them all up to COVID when they are not. We simply cannot trust the media to report factually. They are hopelessly biased because they are the propaganda arm of the shadow government and heavily invested in the outcome of this psyop.

Have a listen to Del’s research on it, and relax. Like we said early on, it’s a “plan-demic”; a scamdemic; a hoax. A fabrication.

It does not qualify as a pandemic by anyone’s standards. The lying, treasonous media turds have made it into one in the minds of the public only.

They knew the elderly would be particularly susceptible and being the monsters they are, the deep state/shadow government sent Covid positive people to nursing homes to infect them and jack up the death rates.

That meant they could use their statistics to scare everyone and take their plan-demic to the next level; lockdowns, closures of schools and businesses, social distancing, face masks, the end of political rallies, and ultimately… mandating vote-by-mail to they could once again commit election fraud and encourage the American people to shun Donald Trump as a failure and hold him responsible for the mismanagement of the “crisis”.

Unfortunately for the control freaks, we aren’t buying what they’re selling and a large number of people are thumbing their noses at the hysteria and lies and refusing to comply. That is precisely what needs to happen.

The WHO, NIH, CDC, etc. did all the wrong things to halt a contagion and we’ve pretty much all been exposed to this novel strain now and have immunity—despite what the lamestream media and the globalists’ fake scientific reports say.

Many countries have reported that if the true death count is told and not inflated by motor cycle accident victims, cancer deaths, etc., the numbers are actually equal to or lower than previous influenza statistics for the past two winters.

If all the above and Del’s rundown don’t put your mind at ease, remember that Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc + Azithromycyn, Remdesivir, and other safe, trusted steroids used to combat asthma work really well—and far better than any face mask. There is no need for anyone to die of COVID. We will continue to see the usual losses due to other serious illnesses and health conditions, of course, like any other year.

Know your facts, breathe easy, and let’s get back to normal. We have lives to lead and an election to run to get rid of these monsters going by the political designation “Democrats”.  Vote RED.


See the rest of Del’s exposé videos on The Highwire Channel where he interviews experts from around the world to get the truth about COVID-19.

Many scientists are willing to refute the information touted by Dr. Fauci and they trust Del to give them a reputable platform to do so. We can see the whole ruse falling apart before our eyes when the facts come out.  ~ CB

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