The Straight Goods on CV-19| Dr. Kelly Victory [video]

While America’s Frontline Doctors were viciously censored by Twitter, Google/YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms this week, many other doctors have spoken out as well.

This is one of the best presentations I’ve seen and needs to be shared widely.

The public were lied to about the coronavirus by the people in medical institutions we were told to trust.

Here is the truth so folks can go back to normal and dump the fear and absurd measures that have done absolutely nothing to stop the fake pandemic because the media won’t allow it.

Fabrications in the news are the only thing supporting this “plandemic”. The facts do not.

The case numbers are inflated with false positives and the fraud is outrageous and in our faces. Wait until you hear about “social distancing”. If that doesn’t show you what a political circus this is, I don’t know what will.

You will notice that the measures the WHO, NIH, CDC, and other “experts” recommended are the opposite of what we would normally do, and what concerned doctors are telling us to do.

Dr. Victory doesn’t say hydroxychloroquine because she doesn’t want this video censored by Big Tech, but we know what treatments have been extremely successful for thousands of people.

This is everything you need to know so you won’t be manipulated any more. You will recognize it as common sense. Go back to living, stop the insanity and take your life back.

It’s time to prick the New World Order’s COVID bubble. Make it viral. Pun intended.

*Breaking Down – Covid 19 by : Dr Kelly Victory

You can find more information at our mothership, StarshipEarth: The Big Picture.

If you have difficulty reading at that website you need to reset your browser. Many readers who did so corrected the problem. Hold down the CTRL key and click the Refresh button on your browser. Failing that, try another browser. These technical hiccups are meant to interfere in the dissemination of Truth in the Information War. Don’t let them.

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