The Plan-demic was Revealed in 2003 in this Movie [video]

Listen carefully. It’s all there. They plan everything many years in advance.

Just one more example of “predictive programming”.

The virus won’t kill us—but the vaccine the globalists force on us might.

If it doesn’t come from President Trump and the US Military—refuse it.  ~ CB

Truth Revealed- it’s not a Pandemic but a Plannedemic – we got played

Scenes gotten from a Movie series titled ” The Dead Zone – Plague” Season 2 Episode 14, which was released in July 2003. The movie portrays about a Corona Virus.

One thought on “The Plan-demic was Revealed in 2003 in this Movie [video]

  1. Somebody, hopefully a T-user or YT-user or a P-root user ie someone with far reach needs to look further into T-H-nks movies and read Btwn the lines and see / or in some cases just listen and watch as they are filled with blatant info. Watch Cl-ud Atl-s!

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