Truth is Slowly Coming About CV; the Cure, and the Con [videos]

Discussion of these things is heavily censored now, including the President of the United States, so I hope you can read this post. Many have had to resort to “code” to get around Big Tech’s ‘big brother’ tactics to squelch the truth.

This video does not appear to be coming through below so you may want to watch on Bitchute.

Also listen to this audio if it doesn’t appear below with Dr. Judy Mikovits.


Ben Swann has done a number of videos examining the reality around CV19 or the “rona virus” as some now refer to it. This is the latest. He’s getting censored, too.

It’s clear there is a concerted effort to quash the truth about HYDR0XYCHL0R0QUINE as both a preventive measure and a remedy for the condition. Why? If we take the usual path and follow the money, where does it lead?

NEW Study Shows HYDR0XYCHL0R0QUlNE Cuts C0VID Death Rate In Half

How far do you think the greedy controllers on our planet would go to secure their plan? Do we understand just how ruthless they are?

They destroyed the career of virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits, threatened her family, and had her thrown in jail with a gag order not to talk about what happened or what she knew about Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Would they do worse than that?

EXCLUSIVE: Hard-Hitting Blistering Raw Interview on Anthony Fauci Uncovers FAR MORE Disturbing Dirt — Top Virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes Disturbing Intel

And have you seen this video below? The COvid “pandemic” is nothing like what we’ve been told. It’s time the world realizes just how far the deep state will go to control the us.

In Australia they have invoked curfews and police are smashing car windows of patriots who refuse to provide identification.


The corporate media in America didn’t share this news below much or truthfully. They did a better job in Canada, which was surprising.

If you have not seen or heard what the people of Germany and Spain did this past weekend to let their governments know they’re not having their lockdowns, face masks, and social distancing for a fake pandemic, you will want to see this article and the embedded videos.

It wasn’t 17,000 people protesting as the lamestream stated; it was roughly 1 million people. Do you trust the “fake news”?

Americans are now beginning to fight back, but they’re behind the Europeans when it comes to standing up for their rights.

The Great Awakening is happening. The People are realizing that C019 is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on Planet Earth.

Read and watch the amazing video of what went down across the pond at this link.

It’s time we awoke to the con and held the criminals accountable.  ~ CB

Americans Act Like Sheep While Germans Protest Masks & Lockdowns As Additional Information Points To Fraud On Grand Scale


4 thoughts on “Truth is Slowly Coming About CV; the Cure, and the Con [videos]

  1. It is heart breaking to realize that while the rest of the world is fighting tooth and nail for their freedom the American People have turned into frightened cowards, too afraid and brain washed to stand up and take town those who are destroying or Constitution and freedom!!!! The lying news media have taken the fight out of the American People and have replaced it with fear and just plain cowardice!!! The American People have turned into a bunch of good little slaves who are afraid to go outside, who are afraid to go against the tyrants who lead them around by the noes!!! It is plain disgusting to see the American People sit on their butts and do nothing because the are blind and taken in by the so called news and too afraid to go against what is absolutely wrong!!!! Covid is a fraud people, Fauci is a fraud people wake up and see the truth!!!

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