Check and Mate for the Patriots of Canada

Many of the awakened are frustrated and losing faith in the liberation process of our planet and the Kew/military intelligence team has explained the reason for the pace many times.

Rather than reiterate it, I’ll share a portion of a post from our mothership, which is WP-based, but is our own URL and I’m not having to deal with the hurdles…

… as a result of WordPress having activated a new “editor” mode on this blog I don’t have a handle on yet so forgive any formatting faux pas.

I commend to you Dan Dicks’ full documentary on the 2010 G20 psyop the New World Order pulled on Torontonians.

Link is at the page below where Dan explains what has happened over the last ten years to bring this class action lawsuit to fruition.

VICTORY! $16.5M Settlement Reached In Class-Action Lawsuit Over MASS ARRESTS During 2010 G20 Summit

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Remember, we outnumber the 2% and we shall prevail. WWG1WGA. ~ CB

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