What Everyone Needs to Know About COVID-19 [videos]

“The Virus” didn’t come out of the blue. Facts matter. Watch here or if unavailable, on Bitchute. Please share this information widely. https://www.bitchute.com/video/w64rFwcO2TSO/ Covid911 – INSURGENCY   The outbreak was predicted, like most significant events. We are always given clues about what is in store for Humanity. There is a name for it: predictive programming […]

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Mothership Down: Comms Out

You gotta love an information war. Starship Earth is down, so here we are, operating from the satellite on the Captain’s blog. Direct hit from a Borg cube??? We don’t know. I find it interesting that the traffic tripled at Starship Earth these past few days, and suddenly our comms are out. We’ve called Number […]

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