The Journey Begins

Welcome, fellow travelers. We’ve been expecting you. We hope you will tarry awhile as we explore the roads less traveled; the ones to the centre of your mind, heart, and the Universe. Together we remember who we are, where we are, whence we came, and our final destination—if that is even possible. As we journey, […]

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Gifts from the Stars

As a race, we have a lot to learn, and a lot to forget. The brainwashing and limiting beliefs will fall by the wayside as we absorb new ideas in science, mathematics, history, philosophy, religion, spirituality, medicine, and every topic under the sun. We have obtained much from off-planet races, and most of it has […]

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What the Hell Happened? [video]

This is for the recently awakened who are frantically trying to determine what the hell happened on Planet Earth, or for those who understand the problem but don’t know how to resolve it. It’s simple, really; so simple that Ken O’Keefe explains it in 4:44. A few governments understood this and were in a position […]

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A Course in Becoming Human [video]

While listening to the “META Files” recently, and particularly the 5th interview, it reminded me that we’ve been trained to focus far too much on the physical world. META really drove home the point that the non-physical is really where it’s at, and where we need to be. Until Humanity realizes this, we are woefully […]

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