The Journey Begins

Welcome, fellow travelers. We’ve been expecting you. We hope you will tarry awhile as we explore the roads less traveled; the ones to the centre of your mind, heart, and the Universe. Together we remember who we are, where we are, whence we came, and our final destination—if that is even possible. As we journey, […]

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Simon Parkes on the Mantid Agenda| Project Camelot [video]

Once again, Simon brings us fascinating information about non-Human races interacting with is in various ways. Part of this discussion appears to be in response to a recently published remote viewing session involving extraterrestrials. They examine a few images of the Mantid versus the Insectoid and discuss the differences in appearance and agenda. Simon reports […]

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James Gilliland Update [video]

James gives us his inside intel on the cabal take-down, touching on many subjects of interest and sharing his own unique experiences in a world that’s a little different than most of us witness every day. Thanks to Dan Hohlfeld for hosting this fascinating discussion. Thanks for the heads up, K.  ~ CB K2D4 NETWORK […]

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