Rise of the Resistance [video]

If I say anything about what this entails it may be censored, so without further adieu, please watch and share this exceptional video from Dr. Michael Salla.

There’s a comprehensive update here with some uncomfortable truths some may have difficulty accepting but in time they will recognize the reality.

It’s a catch-up to explain how we got where we are, the plans of the controllers for Humanity that will NOT come to fruition, and the efforts of the Resistance to liberate Humanity.

Make note of the free webinar mentioned on March 27 if this appeals to you. You may wish to learn more at https://exopolitics.org/

You can learn more about the current situation on our planet at our mothership, Starship Earth: The Big Picture.com ~ CB

5 thoughts on “Rise of the Resistance [video]

  1. I left Google a long time ago I’m not going back to them just to watch one video. Need a better source for this.

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