Plan B

Captain’s Blog: Star Date 30583.86

Ninety-nine percent of the time we don’t need a Plan B, but when we least expect it, we just might need a backup.

Today, I need a Plan B; hence, this website where I don’t normally have time to publish because the main ship [Starship Earth: The Big Picture] requires hours of my attention. I am happy to have this, our satellite ship today, however.

The war, after all, isn’t going to stop because our comms are down. Number One knows what the problem is, and it will take awhile for the issue to resolve completely. We’ll just keep trying.

In the mean time, we will post a little war correspondence here.

If you’re keeping one eye on the global geopolitical scene, you may have heard whisperings that Elon Musk has been exposing the subtle and denied election meddling and suppression of conservative and Patriot posts on Twitter since his purchase of the social media platform.

Big Tech in general has been implicated in those unconstitutional dealings for awhile. Most people are unaware that Google, for example, buries the content they don’t want people to see and promotes the information/disinformation the deep state controllers want out there at the top of the search results.

Now we hear that Apple CEO Tim Cook was put on notice by the Earth Alliance. Is it curtains for TC?

Apple has flipped. The Military Alliance through Musk gave information directly to Apple CEO Tim cook that his involvement in the military coup against Trump is fully documented and MILITARY Tribunals coming can mean DEATH.

Source: Telegram

When assessing the damage done by Big Tech in our lives, we would be remiss not to include the snow job they did on the world in the creation of a fake pandemic and the fear campaigns and disinformation involved in scaring people into getting a jab of toxic material in their arm that they unequivocally stated would prevent the disease from spreading and remove the chance the jabbed would come down with the weaponized flu bug the globalists released on the world.

That has all proven to be a lie. The jabbed got Covid—if they were lucky. The less fortunate died or suffered debilitating negative side effects you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

If you followed the money, you could see that Big Pharma got rich, and so did some hospital administrators, doctors, scientists, politicians, and others.

Massive bribes, blackmail, threats, and obscene payouts took care of the ones with the power to influence and make policies; the disinformation and lies in the wheelhouse of Big Tech took care of the information available to the public if they actually went looking for the truth on the Internet.

This article from the Brownstone Institute discusses the monetary schemes. It seems bottomless.

Pandemic History, Retold and Adjusted for Financial Return

This blog format is not as user-friendly as the main console so I will bid you adieu for now. Hopefully we will be back in business on the SSE bridge very soon. ~ CB

6 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. Hope the Starship can be repaired–I haven’t had a “secure” connection for a few wks., and can almost never view photos, etc. on Starship….Also haven’t been able to post comments or info–Kathleen

  2. I would absolutely love to be considered for Plan B. LOL, seriously though. In the end all I have managed to do is place a ton of sources from minds greater than my own on a website. It can help some people utilize some tools they otherwise wouldn’t have known existed. Either way, it also attempts to provide a path to truth for those who wish to peruse. I am going to add your blog to the site, thank you for all your hard work. For the future we must try to organize in any capacity that we can, even if my attempt may fail, it may provide someone else a path to be successful. Maybe the Universal Vortices University can grow with time.

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