Trump Rally in Greenville, N. Carolina in Progress – Watch Live

Have you seen a Trump rally lately? They’re always interesting. The Commander-in-Chief is due to arrive at the airport venue in the next 20 minutes or so if you’d like to take in the festivities.

It’s shocking to see how many people line up for hours—including in the rain and cold sometimes—and stand for an hour and a half to hear President Trump say things they’ve heard before.

Some of it is new(s), but much of it isn’t, and that is testament to the power of attraction this man has over the American people. He has their support like no politician ever has. It’s historic.

Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Greenville, NC 10-15-20

Perhaps the loyalty and appreciation comes from the fact that he was the first politician in decades to tell the truth, and over-deliver on promises.

Maybe it’s because he is a warrior putting himself between the enemy and the People and gave Humanity the courage and support they needed to fight for themselves.

This video got him elected in 2016. He has surpassed the support he had then and that fact will be evident in a few weeks when the People speak again. ~ CB

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

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