Challenging, Unprecedented times for Humanity

One of the challenges we face individually is sourcing the information we want and deserve. The powers-that-were have very little left in their arsenal to obstruct, so they use technology to make it difficult for us and slow us down.

Some readers have expressed an inability to access the mother ship, our blog at Starship Earth: The Big Picture.

Even the link I included here on our satellite ship was disabled for at least some readers.

Personally, I use the Brave browser. For those unable to access Starship Earth, here are some suggestions from various crew members in the comments there to get around your issues.

“I use Opera browser because it has built-in VPN and it works great. If that user is using wifi at home on their device, they may need to reboot their modem/router. Happened to me a couple of weeks ago where some sites were available but not others. That’s why it took me awhile to even consider rebooting my router/modem. It worked.

Might help to check your Broadband Buddy/Parental control settings

Use Duckduck go to read this page, you will get problems with other engines.

I have to go to put in and link to the website thusly. I find typing in the website name sometimes creates issuers, at least that has been my experience. Hope this Helps

Been having the inability to connect issue with Firefox for months.


Backup browser BRAVE has no problems displaying it however.”

Hope that will help some of you resolve the blocks. Otherwise, you should be able to simply type into your browser: and the transporter should have you materialize there where you can subscribe or follow. Hope to see you on board soon. We daily publish news and commentary there around the ever-changing current events around the world. REAL news, not propaganda.

The Captain’s Blog is a back-up site where we only have time to publish occasionally, and when we are incapacitated at Starship Earth.

For those who cannot access the other site, below is a short video clip of a phenomena most of us have never witnessed because it involves what they call “antiquitech” or technology from antiquity, or so we’re told, which draws in and processes electricity from the ethers.

Of course the greedy globalists don’t want us to know about this capability for “free energy” because they have us paying through the nose for power at astronomical rates. And in California they have the nerve to turn it off when it’s windy so the old power lines don’t spark and create forest fires—or so they claim. The whole scenario is criminal and a big lie.

The infrastructure in buildings all over the world was removed in the last reset of our civilization so they could reprogramme us, dumb us down, hide the fact that advanced technology was ever present, and repopulate the planet with people who believe we live in the dark ages. Of course the New World Order enjoys technologies for themselves while hiding it from us.

Nikola Tesla knew about this method of harvesting energy and we anticipate that in the near future related technology will be powering homes and businesses once again—free for all.

Behold, the atmospheric ether generator. ~ CB

Link to the video on YouTube.

The Truth Hunters

Atmospheric Ether generator caught on camera. Most likely it was activated by accident due to having the inner electrical tech removed already. However this was how the ancient world was powered for eons. Electrical power was known by all civilizations in the past, they used the natural laws to harness it, which nature is providing in unlimited quantities. Main stream science is only steering our civilization further into the consumerism, while destroying the mother earth in the process.

5 thoughts on “Challenging, Unprecedented times for Humanity

  1. Hi, BP…..thanks for responding to what I posted yesterday, re: imminent. It’s not my intention to go into a long monologue here, but I wish to make a point. You are probably aware of Elena Danaan. I first learned about her through Dr. Michael Salla. Anyway, I have bought her books. The latest one is titled, “We will never let you down…..”. This is an excellent read….and can be had through Amazon’s Kindle. But the point I wish to make is that one of her contacts, Thor Han, mentioned that the Earth isn’t flat. Not in so few words, but this is what was implied. There is so much sincerity in what Elena writes, and the content fits into what I’ve learned through other books I’ve read. In short, her level of credibility with me, at least, is very high. On the other hand, Phil G. is a staunch flat-earther. And his premise is based on the fact that though our solar system is orbiting the galactic centre at 600,000mph, the stars have not changed their positions much over the millenniums. What he’s ignoring is that the distances between stars are so immense that this speed, fast as it is, is like a snail’s crawl relative to the positions of other stars/suns. There’s a term for this phenomenon, but I can’t recall what it is. It would be like watching a jet travelling at 500mph, but from a distance, it moves slowly based on how far away we’re observing it.. I’m surprised that Phil is oblivious to this fact. All the best! Richard.

  2. I havent hot an email from starship earth for 2 days. I figured you need a rest or a problem with Mica.? Did you post and we aren’t getting it or just a rest.?

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