The Peace Meditation April 15 is Critical; Just Say ‘No!’ to War

mission-criticalAn Update from the Unknown Lightwarrior follows.

I have made the meditation post with the link to the guided meditation videos in multiple languages sticky so you will find it on the home page of Starship Earth. If meditating alone you may want to review a video before you settle in so you know the drill.

Or, you may wish to join the live meditation on Blogtalk Radio via the links below.

Don’t underestimate your ability to effect change. If you’re not one of the 144,000, focused intention is all that’s required. Just do your best. It all counts at this stage and we can outnumber the enemy. 

We’re fighting an interdimensional war and this is what we can do from this one to defuse the situation in Syria.

You may want to click this link now to read more.  ~ BP


Cobra just confirmed; the Mass Meditation is urgently needed to balance imminent escalation in Syria.

The 144,000 will be first on the scene … doing MASSIVE clearing & thus pave the way for other groups to channel their energy & consciousness. Yet even there … we will LEAD!

Our ‘partners in contrast’ will also be doing their own rituals too, so it’s a classic case of all hands-on-deck!

If you’re in Europe or Middle East, be sure to get to bed soon, to wake up in time. The whole thing will take approximately 1 hour, maybe a bit over.

Here’s the radio link to click, to join in the LIVE 144k Mass Meditation.

… and here’s the time-zone adjustment for your time zone (below).
NOTE: the 144k will be starting 1 hour before the time listed on this link!
So click on the radio link above, 1 hour before the time displayed in the link below.

See you all there …


… they are desperate to start WWIII

We say …. NO!

The Unknown Lightwarrior



In addition to the first guided meditation videos, guided meditation videos have been created in 19 languages:
A very informative article about our Peace Meditation with many audio, video and interactive assistance tools is available here:
You can join our meditation in real time on COEO here:
A sharable facebook post about the meditation is here:
And the facebook event here:
Victory of the Light!

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