Suspicious Attacks on Comms, Power Dec. 27th [videos]

The trolls are all over the blogs and videos now trying to discredit QAnon, President Trump, and now the December 27th attacks on the power grid in Queens, New York and Kenner, Louisiana.

Were these coincidences? There are no coincidences. These were attacks, just as California was attacked.

As the arrests continue and the President and the Marine Generals dismantle the psychotic cabal, attacks will continue. Bombs, car rammings in crowds, train derailments, shootings, power outages, communications outages… expect it.

Martial Law may still come, as it is now “after Christmas”, or perhaps that notice was the White Hats’ strategy to get people to prepare for anything.

They couldn’t very well come out and tell us there could be space weapons and UFOs, now could they?

They will do whatever they need to do to protect civilians and get them to protect themselves. All’s fair in love and war, and disinformation is necessary.

If you’re smart, you’ll prepare for anything.  ~ CB

P.S.  As I said… this headline just appeared from Germany…

Man rams car through gate at Hannover airport, ‘overpowered’ by police on tarmac




2 thoughts on “Suspicious Attacks on Comms, Power Dec. 27th [videos]

  1. Molly, Captain, BP.

    You are a constant, reassuring presence and Energy in these times and one of those who help me feel and realise I am not alone, jelp e let go of fear and im past that stage now, and im not going crazy, and you’ve helped me walk my personal journey since Red Pill week May 2013. Cheers. X

    I saw over Christmas a highly interesting film I think youf get a lot out of if you’ve not seen t already Its called…with Amy Adams,

  2. The way the different colors appear in the light, and the buzzing sound- it looks like microwave. If you try to check out videos on youtube, the colors we see in these videos is what happens when you place a light bulb inside a microwave and turn it on. The world already has microwave weapons, perhaps- this is merely a rogue drone pilot using some kinda of directed-energy weapon (DEW). The casualty being transformers going bust and poor citizens of the world losing power and a bit of their obsession with social media. This is definitely an attack though, does look a bit playful though.

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