Mothership Down: WordPress Won’t Allow Trump’s Emergency Announcement

Can you believe that WordPress would not allow me to share a link to watch President Trump’s address today? They shut me down, locked me up, and our CenturyLink Internet went down, as well.

When I try to log in to the bridge on Starship Earth I get the dreaded…

Error establishing a database connection

I have a distress call out to Number One.  ~ BP


4 thoughts on “Mothership Down: WordPress Won’t Allow Trump’s Emergency Announcement

  1. The Sistership is functioning 100% effectively on all parameters, Captain. Monitoring ascension into WarpDrive Speed now…..

  2. BTW im absolutely blown away by the Tartaria FRWL things im seeing on the THI facebook page. Blown away.

  3. Adam ” What if San Francisco was a Tartarian Imperial City with 10 Royal Palaces, artificial islands and a strategic port facing Eurasia, and connecting the Americas? If their elaborate buildings were much more than 500 yrs old and the sophisticated technology would contradict the story of the ” 1776 ” foundation of the city and all the Official History and Fairytale so it had to be mercilessly burned and erased? ”

    Adam Bacon Did Tartaria have flying cars, crafts, powered by electrogravitic etheric energy pulled from the atmosphere or subquantum fabric I wonder? I wonder what kind of transportation they used. If they had a city in San Francisco and it was a worldwide civilisation they must have had some means to get to Amsterdam for example. Those strange Star Forts. The pattern must be to create some kind of healing etheric energy shell around the place and maybe protect from floods and other bad things too perhaps.

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