The Other Reality: Venezuela Today & Other Revolting News [video]

There’s reality, and there’s the reality the media spins.

Here’s a video from Caracas, Venezuela. Did you see it? Just wondering, because I don’t watch TV.

I could re-use an old headline I once came up with again at this point…

“Coups, Counter-Coups, and Coup-Coups”

It’s crazy out there and I’m not even going to attempt to understand what is going on. I trust it will all unfold in our favour… eventually.

RussiaToday published this…

caracas venezuela demonstration

US interfering in Venezuela? No need to ask Mueller to determine that – Lavrov

World picking sides in Venezuela’s leadership crisis


Speaking of revolt(ing) news…

Fox published a video of Nancy Pelosi’s remarks about the spending bill, border security and re-opening the government and when I watched it had 311 likes and 1000 thumbs down. The next time it was 281 thumbs up and 1800 thumbs down.

Natasha reports people are calling for Pelosi to resign and it appears Trump’s goal to show America who and what the dimms really are might be working. Even members of the Democrat party are disgusted with the way things are going.

I’ve been listening in the Senate proceedings on a bill to pay the Coast Guard—the only military arm not being paid currenty. Trump said he would sign it, but these characters in Congress are still arguing about the wall and other issues. Quite the show.  ~ CB

4 thoughts on “The Other Reality: Venezuela Today & Other Revolting News [video]

  1. Hi Molly, just to let you know I posted on the THI FB page, Betsy and Thomas’ recent Patriots4Truth post about the Vatican insider

    Heres TWs comments.
    Thomas Williams P2 are the main secret society in the Vatican
    Thomas Williams This report is utter drivel listened to first 5 minutes of it.
    Either there is discernment is way off or these are distraction agents.

      1. I’m sorry. It was just to share it with you that’s all as it was a surprise to me today Betsy and Thomas didn’t realise about the P2 as their stuff is usually so sharp, and I thought TWs comments were interesting. And they still don’t write about the MWHT .

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