Fascinating Intel Update from 4Chan [video]

Obviously this can’t be vetted, but indicators are it could very well be true. Many insiders have spoken of the chatter going on of late and the crescendo of events across the globe—if it is a globe.

The intel portion is toward the end of the video.

If you are a Starship Earth reader, you know what “Return of the King” means, and I’m confident some freakin’ amazing things are about to go down.

Independence Day is about to get real, too, by the sound of it.

If this sounds too out there for you, have a listen to the second video below from Yellow Rose for Texas. My understanding is that the information she gives us is very accurate, and she has paid the price.

This Half Chan Post Got Real


This video is in response to the many questions listeners have asked Rose about her previous revelations. She alludes to a number of things mentioned in the intel portion of the video above. Plans can always change, of course, but generally, I believe this is what we can expect. We will escape from this prison planet, we just don’t know when.  ~ CB

Answering Questions about Earths Exit

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