JFK Jr. To Be Announced at Dallas Rally Oct. 17 as Pres. Trump’s 2020 Running Mate

The intel has been CRAZY this week; an absolute deluge.

This news is going to rock the nation—and the world—so we wanted to give a heads up.

One of our most reliable sources of intel, Field McConnell, Marine reserve and host of the Abel Danger live show strongly suggested on today’s show that President Trump will be announcing his new running mate (not sure yet what’s up with Mike Pence and what they will tell people as to why he is no longer partnering with the President) but they implied that John F. Kennedy Jr. will be Trump’s wing man in the 2020 election.

Yes, we have 100% confirmation from multiple sources that little John John did not die in his plane with wife Carolyn Bessett Kennedy and her sister Lauren.

After both JFK and his brother Bobby were assassinated by the deep state cabal, the Navy assisted the three to fake their death in a plane crash because John Jr. was planning to go up against Hillary Clinton in the election and the chatter the military intercepted said he was going to have an accident and join a plethora of others in the Clinton Body Bag.

There have been so many clues and proofs that cannot be denied that JFK Jr is alive so we are satisfied that part of the intel is true.

This is a snapshot of JFK Jr. on July 4, 2019.    Source

JFK Jr July 4 2019

We will have to wait for the rally in Dallas to find out if the rest comes to pass. It would certainly put the country in an uproar. We understand any big moves like this would have to happen prior to November 3 or else we run into a new election cycle. Rules are rules.

While the mainstream media may do their usual editing at the event—or worse—for this upcoming rally, we can rely on the Right Side Broadcasting Network to stream the whole thing, unedited.

Will the legacy media, who traditionally had a love affair with Junior, accept his proposed new place next to the sitting POTUS—or will they now turn on him because of his political status? As the propaganda arm of the deep state, they will choose a side and perhaps seal their fate as the American people will be overjoyed to learn this political favourite from an iconic family is alive and ready to help Keep America Great.

Below is the link on YouTube RSBN has provided for us to watch the spectacle on Thursday, and they are always on the ground streaming hours before the President’s address begins to show the fans’ excitement, dedication, and patriotic love for their country and support for the one man who braved the odds and did what he promised; to give their power back and make America great again.

For tickets to the event go here. They are free, for the American Airlines Center, capacity 20,000 people. Jumbotrons provide coverage of the proceedings for thousands of fans outside that throng the venues at every rally.

Visit our mothership for updates on this story. It’s getting even more interesting after publishing this post.  ~ CB

President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Dallas, TX 10/17/19







If you have not watched the videos below, they are already legendary, must-watch productions.

This first one illustrates why Donald Trump was elected by the People of America in 2016 and it is breathtaking. If you’re like me, you’ll get chills because he said it like it was; what happened to bring us to that day, and what would happen afterward that we are seeing unfold now.

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected





This video explains in detail how America was hijacked, and how they turned Americans and all the people of the world into slave labourers for those who considered themselves “elite”. They are the deep state cabal; the Illuminati, the New World Order. They masquerade as royalty, politicians, the CIA, FBI, and others in positions of power.

They are not better than us, and Donald Trump and his administration with the support of the US military is exposing them for who they are and stripping them of their power. They are seeing justice served, and thanks to the bravery and selfless endeavours of thousands of patriots, Humanity is about to watch the world change for the better, before their very eyes. Prepare for a spectacular transformation.

Q – The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED


40 thoughts on “JFK Jr. To Be Announced at Dallas Rally Oct. 17 as Pres. Trump’s 2020 Running Mate

      1. It will happen, we’re fairly certain, but there were things going on that seem to have prevented it. The deep state is desperate, and the White Hats have to ensure everyone is safe.

    1. Can’t wait for this to happen.!! It is pure awesome. Can’t have any better. I believe Pence has a problem. Ut is good to do away with him. Thank you Mr. TRUMP!

    2. Dear Sally.

      My name is Mrs Mkasafari Grace Maro-Kennedy Jr.

      It is always refreshing for my husband John F Kennedy Jr and me both together to note that my husband John F Kennedy Jr and me have President Donald Trump in our lives often trying to keep me alone during my happy marriage years time. I support my husband John F Kennedy Jr in his decision to help President Donald Trump with the Vice President seat. Remember that that burden was first assigned to me in 2017 or a ven 2016 by our peaceful civilian GW nongreencards. We then deemed that the role of VP is not necessary and made it through the first term with an A+ overall grade. I would love to have my husband John F Kennedy home with me immediately without further political VP delays.

      My husband John F Kennedy Jr can reach me at my private email address: gracemaro@netscape.net anytime. Please let him know immediately that I am contacting him personally this morning and asking for him to reply personally and privately back to me this morning.

      I wish you the best in your political gigs this 2020.


      Grace Kennedy Jr.

    3. Wanting to rsv 3 tickets for Saturday October 17,2020 Tump Rally in Dallas Texas to see the new VP and next President of the United States!

      1. There’s a military operation going on in America and globally, Barbara. Disinformation is necessary and has a purpose. JFK will come out at the right time. In the mean time, we have to plant these seeds in the minds of people because he did fake his death and has been working behind the scenes to free the world.

    4. I’ve been waiting for this day for too many years knowing it was true and I couldn’t be more thrilled to see John John again along with the President. Best news I’ve had in quite awhile.

  1. Praise God…
    Q Unleashed…
    Q+ Unleashed…
    JFK JR….

    1. Scott Mowry of the Miracles and Inspiration site has deep insider military sources and he confirmed Obama was executed at GTMO.

  2. Field Mcconnell provides “intel” is like saying my garbage disposal provides music. The dude is either a lunatic or a charlatan. What I’m wondering is how many times does JFK Jr. have to not show up before the Q crowd realizes this is BS? Seems like there is literally nothing too silly to be taken seriously by the people who believe this stuff. Is the deep state real? Yes. Is Hillary a POS pig-effer Yes. Does she eat babies? Not saying she wouldn’t want to but there’s literally no evidence that it’s true. JFK jr still alive? You’re crazy if you believe that.

    1. You can believe what you like. People in the know stick their necks out to keep us apprised and in times of war the public are not told everything that happens—particularly in a war where most of the public is dead asleep and has no clue what has happened on their planet. Peace, not violence, is the goal, and the White Hats will run this show so there is no danger to the public. Attacking those who bring us hints about what is to transpire is not the kind of patriots we want on our team.

    2. H ellary not only eats babies. She sexually assaults them in HORRIFIC ways, she then tortures the child even further by cutting their face/skin off, she puts the face on her face to drink the adrenalized blood, then murders the child, drinks more of the blood, and lastly she eats the child’s flesh. She’s not the only one who does this. The entire illuminati satanic cult take turns. Anthony Weiner video taped one of these special H ellary facials that included her protege within the cult,
      H uma Abedin. H uma is also Weiner’s wife. He uploaded said video to his laptop, the same laptop that was seized by the police due to Weiner’s pedophile escapades online. Weiner is currently in jail for those pedophile escapades. The police found a file named “insurance policy” on the laptop. A few police officers viewed it and were traumatized by what they seen. Seasoned Officers who had seen it were crying and throwing up afterwards. I think 10 officers seen it and 8 are now dead of “suicides”. The dark web had released it, but it was just the audio with some creepy footage. It came out again somewhere and it was the real deal. The rumors are that if one uploads it they face jail time. In the end it does exist and while it would put to rest all the naysayers of the EVIL CUNT, the video is so horrific that some would end their own lives. It’s that bad. There are so many dots in this and they all connect. The entire entertainment industry, Professional sports, Banking systems, CEO’s of powerful companies, City/State/Fed governments, Law enforcement, Judicial systems, Social services, Healthcare systems, Royalty. They are all ran and apart of this cult. Look up “frazzledrip”

    1. It’s not a hoax; we have been expecting it at some point, just not this soon. These are dangerous times and at the right moment, the Plan will be revealed.

  3. Aaand… It doesn’t happen. Not surprising, though. Q-Anon said twice that JFK Jr isn’t alive, and he never had to respond to that question. If he was alive, he could have just not said anything and leave people guessing until it’s time.

    1. Q said JFK Jr. is not alive, but that means since the Senior, JFK, is dead (1963), the Jr. becomes the Sr. JFK Jr = JFK.

  4. How will JFK JR. prove who he is? It’s been over 20 years and I can just see the Deep State claim it’s a hoax.

    TRUMP/JFK JR 2020-2024
    JFK JR/? 2024-2028 & 2028-2032
    DON JR/? 2032-2036 & 2036-2040
    IVANKA/? 2040-2044 & 2044-2048


  5. If this is all true, and pretty sure it is from research. We need to get on our knees and thank God Almighty for intervening and giving us such brave leaders that risk their lives to save the rest of us. and dont think it cant happen again. We need to turn to God and get off the worship of these pedo movie stars. Read the bible and worship the true God of Creation.

  6. I’ve been following since 2015; but wasn’t until 2016 -17 I became aware of John F Kennedy Jr is alive. I know Tina Nash & tried to get confirmation from you back then, I did get your voice overlay & pictures. I love your family & sent message to Tina that you were alive & well. Somehow I think she New deep down inside. The give away picture was the funeral on board navy vessel people were far to happy!

    Love you all!

  7. I Chron. 7:14: “IF MY people who are called by My Name would humble themselves and PRAY and seek My Face, then (it’s conditional) will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land.” We are in a (spiritual) war. We were born into a war and will be in a war until we go home.”–The Holy Spirit spoke those words to me in July 2018. In synagogues/churches, no one teaches on spiritual warfare. We are not taught to pray fervently (the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much). As goes the church, so goes the world. Churches/gogues are derelict in their duty to lead people to Messiah-encouraging a great harvest of unsaved souls. Instead, the church is a place where the save get lost. 9/11 was a prime example: people flooded in looking for answers but flooded out 3 months later. God has blessed America with President Trump. He is our last reprieve against the new world DIS-order. He can’t do it alone–he needs our daily prayers. Churches/gogues must return to the basics: fasting, praying, being grounded in God’s Word to be saved from what lies ahead. We cannot lay down our weapons of warfare; the war is still ongoing (Eph 6). Perhaps America will repent but only if She goes thru the fire first. Judgment begins at the House of God. Do not build your house on the sand but on the solid foundation that is MESSIAH YESHUA HaMASHIACH. We are running out of time. HE IS RETURNING VERY, VERY SOON.

  8. October 17, 1962: American military units began moving to bases in the Southeastern U.S. as intelligence photos from another U-2 flight showed additional sites and 16 to 32 missiles. President John F Kennedy attended a brief service at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in observance of the National Day of Prayer. After, he had lunch with Crown Prince Hasan of Libya, and then made a political visit to Connecticut in support of Democratic congressional candidates.

    For more about the cabal and its roots, read THE FINAL JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH by Menefee.

  9. In the post, the mention November 3rd as if it’s election day in 2019. But it was November 5th in 2019. So perhaps this was planned to predict a year in advance like so many of Q’s predictions.

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