A Course in Becoming Human [video]

While listening to the “META Files” recently, and particularly the 5th interview, it reminded me that we’ve been trained to focus far too much on the physical world. META really drove home the point that the non-physical is really where it’s at, and where we need to be.

Until Humanity realizes this, we are woefully ill equipped to thrive or to be able to adapt to the coming world we are creating, or to understand and achieve Ascension.

A friend of mine told me a few years ago when I raised the topic of Ascension and asked her what she thought about it, that she heard the term but it’s just a bunch of “new age” crap and she wants nothing to do with it. She was clearly quite agitated about it and I sensed the intense resistance.

What surprised me about her response was that she markets herself as a life coach, and says she communicates with her mother, who passed, and that she has access to a lot of information “out there” that she pulls in for her clients to help them move forward in life and find peace and joy. She does some astrology and perhaps numerology and other things to assist her clients, but she has put herself in a box and isn’t looking outside of it. Perhaps she’s afraid to.

Clearly, many of us have been brainwashed and we have erected barriers preventing us from understanding who we are, why we’re here, and where we’re going.

Most Humans don’t understand we are light years from being the creation we were intended or that we contain untapped potential.

I find Douglas Gabriel has the background and the ability to vocalize esoteric concepts to explain what life is about, who we are, and what Ascension will mean for us. Best of all, he provides practical advice about how to prepare ourselves to maximize the spiritual “I AM” presence we are, to understand the unseen, and be ready for what’s coming as we wend our way down the path to enlightenment.

There are seven segments to this series and this one entitled, “Ascension” is the 6th part. You can look up previous videos at the channel on YouTube called ‘Gospel of Sophia’.

To say Ascension is largely misunderstood is probably an understatement. It’s not “new age” baloney, it’s not religion, and it’s not easy to describe. That is by design.

Ascension a new way of being, and in some respects both a journey and a destination, so I believe now is a really good time to embark on the path of self-discovery that will help us familiarize ourselves with who we are and pave the way to higher realms because it will make the ultimate process of Ascension that much easier.

Equally as important, we may be needed to assist others before long and we can’t have the blind leading the blind, now can we? Humanity will be making this trip whether we consciously choose it or not, so we may as well be friends with our elevated status and make the most of it.  ~ CB

6 thoughts on “A Course in Becoming Human [video]

  1. Sadly I posted to Adoninas on the last interview transcript page to see if I could pose a question to Meta and Adoninas
    won’t respond. I sub’d his blog and he’s posted 2 recent articles but seems indifferent to my comment. Not a way to grow your base viewers. I enjoyed the 5 interviews. Ty for sharing them 🌻

    1. Holly, maybe Adoninas just hasn’t had time to respond to your comment, yet. Maybe he has to check with META… Could be a number of reasons. Give it a little more time and see what happens. Glad you liked the info.

      1. Thank you for your thoughts. I do not post often. You have always responded to me when I have . 🌻 I appreciate that.

      2. That’s good to know, Holly, but I bet there are folks who might say I have never responded to them. Sometimes I find comments that for whatever reason I just didn’t see or they went to spam, so there are reasons why we might not get responses to our comments. Sometimes there are just too many and we don’t have time.

      3. I understand. His is a very small blog right now. He just posted another article/video. It was difficult to find a way to contact him so I posted a comment. Time will tell ☺️

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