Cat’s Out of the Bag: But Is the Bag in the Bag?

Roger Stone also outed the deep state scheme to eliminate Trump and Pence together, so Nancy Pelosi could be President. It was no secret last week, long in advance of the planned date of execution.

But where is that old bag Nancy Pelosi?

The on again-off again SOTU address is off again until after the government reopens thanks to this Dem Speaker of the House.

We acknowledge that she’s the speaker because the Alliance LET her be the speaker, because they are allowing her to self-destruct. Let’s hope it happens soon.

Please tell me we don’t have to make “Pelosi for Prison” posters for the 2020 election.

FYI, the Senate just blocked the bill to end the shutdown.  ~ CB

Roger Stone: Deep State plans to remove POTUS Trump, VP Pence, to install Pelosi and Hillary in COUP



7 thoughts on “Cat’s Out of the Bag: But Is the Bag in the Bag?

    1. I changed my mind and didn’t include a video I’d planned and forgot to remove that from the title. Thanks for the heads up, DD.



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