Canadians Being Told to Prepare for a Possible Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

Canadian flag distress

No matter where you live, it’s prudent to prepare, because this baby is predicted to go around the world and it’s spreading fast.

Unfortunately, we’ve had these “virus epidemic alerts” many times over the years and they all petered out without causing much of a stir globally, but this one seems to be different so I hope folks are paying attention.

The mothership is experiencing a comms breakdown so stay tuned here for updates. Number One is investigating the situation.   ~ CB

On Monday, Tam said it’s possible novel coronavirus is present in countries that don’t have the capacity to detect and monitor it, which makes trying to identify potential cases coming into Canada at the border increasingly difficult.

Countries like Canada have, so far, succeeded in identifying and containing the virus to a few, mostly mild, cases. But if there are more and more countries involved, she said, the border measures used to identify potential cases might no longer be effective or feasible.

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The United States faces the same fate, according to health experts.


3 thoughts on “Canadians Being Told to Prepare for a Possible Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. This CV topic is dominating all of media so whoever started it is very successful directing our focus away from what? Them?

    All in one research about CV gives some overview of some kind. Still we omly know that
    we really know nothing, yet. We just get told or shown.
    Coronavirus: China’s Monstrous Deep State Disaster [Part 2]
    “And Chinese authorities no longer require direct testing for the coronavirus. Instead, CT scans of the chest are employed. If these scans show signs of pneumonia, the “coronavirus epidemic” label is absurdly applied to the patient.”

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