Stop Feeding Into the Evil Rituals

Here it is, folks. A live broadcast for the 20 year anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting, which was an orchestrated event; a sacrificial ritual, just as the torching of Notre-Dame Cathedral was.

They get power from Humans getting emotional (particularly negative emotions) and so they create these scripted events to garner our pity, our tears, our fear, our suffering, and horror.

We need to stop that. Stop feeding the animals. It makes them stronger.

Why relive the pain and suffering? Will it bring anyone back? No. But it feeds the satanists.

Holding these ritualistic anniversary vigils does not honour the dead any more than expressing pain for a few moments in one’s own home if you’re directly affected and lost someone.

We need to shut down these predatory, parasitic entities that continue to suck on our energy. The second video below explains more about that. I suggest you DO NOT watch this video and engage in the event now or later. It is simply to illustrate what they attempt to do to get us to willingly participate in their rituals.

Memorial service marks 20-year anniversary of Columbine shooting | LIVE


I haven’t yet had a chance to watch this video below, but it sounds like it might be a good time to share it and educate the masses about what we’re dealing with.

We’ve been purposely kept in the dark about these entities from other realms for a reason and it’s left us at a huge disadvantage. It’s time to get wise and more selective about what we celebrate, and who we mourn—and when.

This week is a KEY date for evil, satanic rituals.  ~ CB

The ‘Other Side’ is Real! Here is the Proof of the ‘Realm of Evil’ That Surrounds Us! (Video)


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